Oregon man previously convicted of cutting women’s hair on buses strikes again

Jared Walter (Portland Police Bureau)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Transit police are looking for a man who allegedly cut a woman’s hair on a TriMet bus on May 1.

Jared Weston Walter, 30, is a registered sex offender who is known for similar crimes in the past.


Harry Saporta, TriMet executive director of safety and security said in a statement:

We will not tolerate this type of behavior on our transit system. As this individual has clearly shown he will continue to re-offend despite repercussions, we will work closely with Transit Police and the District Attorney’s Office to find this individual and seek the harshest penalty possible. And, while our maximum exclusion is six months, we are exploring a long-term ban that will keep this individual off TriMet vehicles and property once he is caught. We, along with Transit Police, are dedicated to assuring a safe system for all of our riders.”

Walter has previously been charged and convicted for crimes relating to cutting women’s hair on buses and in checkout lines. In 2013 he pleaded guilty to charges he ejaculated onto a woman’s hair on a bus.

He has spent years in and out of jail:
– June 2010: 28 month prison sentence for cutting women’s hair in Multnomah County while riding TriMet
– January 2011: 26 months prison sentence after being convicted of first-degree burglary, harassment and identity theft and for putting glue in a woman’s hair in Clackamas County
– June 2013: 24 months jail sentence after being convicted of third-degree sexual abuse, harassment, public indecency, and interfering with public transportation in Multnomah County
– March 2015: 180 day jail sentence out of Clackamas County for harassment for harassment at an Oregon City Dollar Tree store
– July 2015: 180 day jail sentence in Clackamas County for violating his probation

Anyone who sees Walter is asked to call 911, or if you know where he may be, call 503.962.7566.

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