River flood warning continues in Clayton and Smithfield

CLAYTON, N.C. (WNCN) — A river flood warning is still in effect for the Neuse River in Clayton and Smithfield.

The Clayton Greenway was not walkable on Sunday while it was covered by water.

After heavy rains across the state a more than a week ago, the water levels at the Neuse River had just gotten back to normal.


But on Friday, the National Weather Service issued a new flood warning for the river in Clayton.

The reason its rising is because of water being released from the Falls Lake Dam in Raleigh.

There were many disappointed people who were hoping to bike or walk the trails on Sunday.

“I didn’t know the river rises quite that much. I didn’t bring my swim gear with me. I’m disappointed I hope it goes down really quickly. I didn’t know it would block off the path like that,” said Crystal Trail.

The Clayton Greenway could be flooded until sometime next week.

“Even after Hurricane Matthew we’ve been here there was a lot of rain and the water was high but not as high as today,” said Pedr Krsina.

Families who live in the area say they hope the river will go down soon so they can go back to enjoying the greenway.

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