TSA warns trucks could be stolen and used in attacks in US

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The Transportation Safety Administration has issued a new security alert by warning trucking companies around the country that terrorists could be planning to steal trucks for use in possible attacks.

Truck owners and truck rental agencies in the U.S. are being warned by the TSA.

The TSA is also urging people to be alert for strange activity with truckers.

Kwame Anene has been driving trucks for 17 years. CBS North Carolina spoke with him at Love’s Travel Stop in Dunn.


Anene says he is always prepared for a possible break in with his vehicle.

“I always make sure my truck is secured you know. When I stop, I lock the doors and bring my keys with me everywhere I go. But some people sometimes they leave their truck running. Without taking your keys — that’s when someone will get inside and steal the truck,” Anene said.

One of the deadliest truck attacks was in France last July. More than 80 people were killed when a truck plowed through a crowd during celebrations for a national French holiday.

As a precaution, many U.S. cities have begun adding extra security measures during large, public events.

On Sunday in Raleigh, transportation, waste services and U-haul trucks were blocking the intersections of some streets during the downtown food truck rodeo. People attending the festival say they like the extra safety.

“Seeing the trucks gives me the feeling of a little bit more safety that vehicles are not going to enter the pedestrian area,” Jay Brubaker said.

The TSA warning has also been shared with bus companies and the school bus industry.

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