Raleigh city leaders tour new $100 million transportation hub

Raleigh city leaders on a tour of Union Station under construction on Tuesday. Photo by AJ Janavel/CBS North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Raleigh city leaders on Tuesday toured the construction site for the new $100 million transportation hub in downtown called Union Station.

Artist’s rendering of the interior. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Union Station has been in the makings for years, and finally, it is expected to open in January.

“I was here when we originally looked at the building. It’s changed a little bit since then,” said City Council member Mary-Ann Baldwin.

Baldwin was one of several council members who toured through the unfinished construction zone which will house the city’s newest transportation hub.

She as well as the other council members got the chance to be a part of the construction by signing their names, and writing messages inside the walls of Union Station.

Baldwin’s messages said, “Dream big! Think Big! And this is what happens!”

While designs for Union Station show the possibility of restaurants, retail, and apartments in the surrounding areas, no tenants have been locked down yet. One thing that is certain is Union Station will replace the old Amtrak station.

One thing that is certain is Union Station will replace the old Amtrak station.


“The old station is outdated. It’s overcrowded. It’s dark. It’s dirty. It’s dank. This is going to be beautiful and new,” said Baldwin

And people who live in town say they’re excited to see downtown Raleigh continuing to grow.

“Buildings like the transit station are just adding to that and it’s going to provide places for people to live work and play,” said Art Howard who lives near Union Station’s location.

Construction crews say Union Station is 65 percent complete.

It’s expected to be up and running next January.  Go Triangle says it will add busing to the location.

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