Raleigh man files lawsuit about Fyre Festival: ‘total chaotic disaster’

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A Raleigh man who spent $4,000 on a promised luxury weekend on an island in the Bahamas is now suing after it turned out to be a “total chaotic disaster.”


Seth Crossno, who goes by William Needham Finley IV on his blog, filed the lawsuit in Wake County Superior Court on Tuesday against the organizers of the Fyre Festival.

Just after the festival, Crossno shared with CBS North Carolina what happened to him during the event which was planned for two weekends in late April.

Organizers of the ill-fated Fyre Festival multiday party promised “an invitation to let loose and unplug with the likeminded” on the Bahamian island of Exuma.

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In the lawsuit — which demands a jury trial — Crossno included descriptions of what was promised by organizers, one of which is rapper Ja Rule, known also as Jeffrey Atkins.

“Fyre Festival adopted the tagline ‘on the boundaries of impossible’ — an all too fortuitous motto for an event that would ultimately end up exactly as the motto suggests: an impossible feat to pull off in the amount to time and with the budget available to the Defendants,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit includes a sketch from festival organizers of the promised housing — a VIP lodge.

However, the only sleeping accommodations were tents, and Crossno says in the lawsuit he never received an assigned tent.


“Instead of the luxury experience … (the plaintiffs) experienced a completely disorganized, disastrous and dangerous situation,” the lawsuit said.

Other parts of the lawsuit point out what Crossno, believes to be “false and misleading” representations, including certain musical acts, a VIP configured aircraft, and five-star cuisine.

Crossno told CBS North Carolina much of the food he saw while at the event was sandwiches mainly of just bread, meat and cheese.

The lawsuit requests relief in excess of $25,000 and also includes a plaintiff named Mark Thompson.

Crossno and Thompson spent more than $13,000 on tickets for the event, the lawsuit filed by attorney William Stacy Miller II says.

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