NC crematory penalized after 93 containers of human remains found in worker’s home

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WNCN) — A Winston-Salem crematorium was hit with multiple penalties on Wednesday after an employee was found with 93 containers of cremated human remains at his home in April.

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The employee, James Massie, worked at Cremation Services Inc. and was responsible for disposing the remains, believed to be from unclaimed bodies.

The Board of Funeral Service says the crematory must complete the following orders:

  • Within 30 days they must pay the Funeral Board a penalty of $3,500 to the Civil Penalty and Forfeiture Fund.
  • Within 30 days they must write letters of apology to the family of John Case for disposing his remains contrary to the wishes of Case’s family. They also must return his remains to Case’s sister.
  • James Massie must no longer work for the crematory.
  • Before Dec. 31 all employees must go through a continuing education course taught by Board of Funeral Service concerning cremations rules and regulations.
  • Susanne Blair, the owner and manager of the crematory, is on probation for three years.


The crematory’s license and permit is also on a three-year probation. If it violates any of these terms during probation, then the Funeral Board will schedule another hearing to determine if disciplinary action is necessary.

The King Police Chief says no charges will be filed because no laws were broken. Under North Carolina law, crematoriums only have to keep ashes for 30 days unless you make an agreement with them before the body is burned.

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