NC transportation projects lack needed funding, report says

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A new report by transportation research group TRIP shows North Carolina has only 17 percent of the funding it needs for transportation projects through the next 10 years.

A total of $1.3 billion is spent annually on road repairs by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

According to the report, they should be spending $1.9 billion to keep up with expansion projects and road work.

The report says 5 percent of bridges in Raleigh and Durham are in need of repair. Every year, maintenance is postponed the cost rises.


“One dollar in differed maintenance is four to five dollars to make up the needed repairs,” said Carolyn Bonifas Kelly of TRIP Research Group.

The TRIP report shows reduced funds combined with an expected 20 percent population growth could cripple both the roads and the economy in the Triangle.

At a press conference Thursday, the executive director of the Regional Transit Alliance said the time to act is now.

“When people think of the triangle they don’t think of traffic. They think of growth and prosperity. We would like to keep it that way,” said Joe Millazzo

He says they need to focus on a long term transportation funding, continue conversations with law makers and find different revenue streams.

TRIP reports analyze transportation funding, projected growth and road conditions.

The nonprofit does not provide suggestions on how the state should use the money.

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