For Raleigh mother, adoption is a dream come true

(Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina)

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — A Durham woman had one dream, to be a mother.

After waiting two years to adopt a child, Independent Adoption Center suddenly shut down. Rhiannon’s dreams were crushed, but not too long later she got a second chance. on Sunday, Rhiannon will celebrate her first Mother’s Day.

“I’m really excited,” said Rhiannon. “It feels kind of weird to say, but it’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m like a mom now. It feels great.'”

But a few months ago, parenthood seemed like a distant fantasy.


“It was very difficult,” Rhiannon said. “The day that we received that email was heartbreaking.”

In February Independent Adoption Center abruptly shut down. Rhiannon and her husband had been with the agency for more than two years.

“I guess we kind of figured with bankruptcy there was really no point. You’re probably not gonna get much back so at that point we had to figure out a way to cut our losses.”

The couple joined a Facebook group started by other parents who had been with IAC.

“They had mentioned that A Child’s Hope was willing to help us out and just do what they could because they just sympathized with what we were going through so we reached out to them,” said Rhiannon.

A Child’s Hope offers parents who were with IAC a free consultation and credit for a home study.

“We try to make it a little bit easier since they’ve already been through so much education,” said Parker Herring, Director of a Child’s Hope.

A few weeks later they adopted their daughter.

“We feel like we can’t believe it,” Rhiannon said. “We pinch ourselves like is this really happening?”

Rhiannon says there was a time where she never thought this would happen for her.

“Yeah, I did, and even my husband I think struggled with that a little bit. He thought maybe this isn’t going to happen, and I kind of told him let’s not think like that, let’s try to move forward. I feel really strongly about this, and there must be a reason I feel really strongly about this.”

Rhiannon said what the experience taught her was to never give up.

You can find out more about the agency at their website here.

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