Raleigh community plagued by speeding drivers to vote on traffic calming plan

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Those who live in a quiet Raleigh neighborhood say they’ve been plagued by speeding drivers and traffic issues the past few years.

Pineview Drive is a popular cut-through route between the Beltline and Avent Ferry Road and neighbors say the speeding is worse in the mornings and evenings as drivers rush to get to and from work.

“They’re going really fast on this road, up to 50-60 miles per hour,” said Adrian Montoya, who has lived on Pineview Drive for about 40 years. “Somebody’s going to get hurt or killed.”

In the eight years Tappan Vickery has lived on Pineview Drive, she’s had to replace her mailbox seven times due to drivers crashing into it because they were going too fast.


“The amount of speeding drivers we have is really a problem,” said Vickery. “The way people treat our street has affected our community as a whole and people leave because of it.”

It’s why many in the community are asking their neighbors to vote “Yes” for speed bumps or speed tables.

Pineview Drive is one of the first communities in Raleigh participating in a new voting-system for traffic calming.

Tappan Vickery (David Hurst/CBS North Carolina)

In the next few weeks, residents will get a ballot in the mail and they’ll vote “Yes” or “No” for traffic calming. If at least 70 percent of residents on Pineview Drive and at least 20 percent of residents within a 2-block radius vote “Yes,” the city will move forward with the process.

The next step in the process includes another vote, in which residents will vote on what kind of traffic calming measures they want. Pineview Drive would decide between speed bumps or speed tables.

Some hope they can get enough support to make a change because right now many say they do not feel safe taking a walk or letting their kids play in the area.

“While we have luckily not had any loss of life, we’ve had a tremendous amount of damage,” said Vickery. “We’ve had cars go through the front of houses and this has been going on for years.”

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