Educators hold town hall in Durham to hear about teaching challenges

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The Durham Association of Educators held a town hall meeting Saturday with local lawmakers to discuss the challenges teachers face in North Carolina.

The town hall discussed charter schools, teacher pay and House Bill 13 – which addresses class sizes.

“It breaks my heart. It’s sad that we have to fight for our public education the way we do. It’s sad that we have to fight for funding when we have elected officials to be advocates for our children and instead they are putting the priorities in other places,” Kimberly Elliott said.


Wendell Tabb, a teacher of 30 years from Hillside High School, voiced his concerns about teacher pay.

“Our public schools are not failing, but our General Assembly is flunking, you know. It’s not going to change until you vote the right people in. We have to flip this. We have to change it,” Rep. Marcia Morey said.

State lawmakers took questions from teachers and community members for two hours.

State officials urged teachers to continue to fight and bring their messages to the General Assembly.

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