Mother’s Day special for some graduates of Durham rehab program

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) —  Graduates of TROSA’s drug rehabilitation program said finishing the program Sunday was the best Mother’s Day gift they could have received.

Sitting on stage were 20 people, from all walks of life, but who have one thing in common; for the first time they can all say they are sober.

For many, it was a hard process to get to this point.

“I went through a lot of sexual abuse and physical abuse,” said Allegra Haymon.


Haymon says when she was 12-years-old she was sexually assaulted by a family member.

The abuse went on for years. During that time, she says her dependency on drugs and alcohol to numb her pain only intensified.

“I got tired. I didn’t want to live anymore, but I knew I had someone looking up to me I had to raise,” said Haymon.

That someone was Haymon’s son, Malachi. For many like Haymon graduating from the program, they also had family, friends, and children relying on them to get healthy.

“It’s a lot of sacrifice on their family, because they’re left to clean up the pieces and take care of the children,” said Elisaha McLawhorn.

McLawhorn works with TROSA, but it wasn’t too long ago she was on stage graduating from the program herself.

She says the two-year program gives addicts the chance to focus on themselves and truly get healthy.

“A lot of times when you’re a mother, or a sister, or a daughter you’ll invest in other people and not really take care of yourself,” said McLawhorn.

Haymon says for the first time in her son Malachi’s seven years of life, she is sober and can truly appreciate what it means to be a mom on Mother’s Day.

“I actually feel connected to my son; I never did because I was always high. This is the best,” she said.

The two-year TROSA program not only treats drug and alcohol dependency, but gives people the chance to work and learn a trade within the community.

The program costs nothing. And is entirely funded by grants, donations, and the money raised from businesses TROSA operates.

For more information on TROSA –

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