Fort Bragg soldier’s deadly dog shooting case moved to Harnett County, officials say

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — The now lone defendant in a case involving the deadly shooting of a Cumberland County PTSD dog will have his case tried in Harnett County, officials said Monday.


Marinna Rollins, 23, and Jarren Heng, 25, each faced a felony charge of cruelty to animals after a dog was shot five times in an incident caught on video.

Rollins was found dead May 7 from an apparent suicide, police said.

Cumberland County authorities said Monday that the dog’s deadly shooting took place in behind Western Harnett High School.

Now, the case against Heng, a Fort Bragg soldier, will take place in Harnett County.

The dog, named “Cumboui,” was shot with a rifle, court documents say.


Rollins’ estranged husband, Matt Dyer, a Fort Bragg soldier, adopted the dog, then named “Huey,” before being deployed to Korea for a year.

Dyer says that, although he and Rollins were separated, she agreed to care for Huey during his deployment.

Dyer told CBS North Carolina that during his deployment, Rollins got Huey certified as an emotional support dog.

Rollins, who died last week. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Rollins then changed the dog’s name to “Camboui.”

“I felt like her having to take care of Huey would be good for her and would be good for Huey,” Dyer said.

Deputies also said there is video evidence in the dog shooting case the DA’s office said it will use.

A close friend of Rollins’ uploaded video of the shooting to Facebook, saying they hoped it would get attention leading to punishment.

“It’s been real, Cammy, I love you. You’re my puppy. You’re a good puppy,” a woman is heard on the video saying.

In the last video clip, the woman goes over to her now-dead dog, picks him up, shoves him over, says “I love you, you’re a good dog” and then covers him with some kind of sheet.

Heng’s next court date is set for June 27. Protesters said they planned to be at the courthouse that day when the case was planned in Cumberland County and when Rollins was still alive.

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