Noose found on Moore County high school campus

(Provided to CBS North Carolina)

CAMERON, N.C. (WNCN) – A noose was found Saturday hanging from a tree Saturday on the campus of Union Pines High School in Cameron, Moore County Schools officials confirmed.

The noose was removed and school officials said it was not present during school hours.

Officials said a photo of the noose was posted to social media around noon Friday. Police were alerted to the noose Saturday around 6:15 p.m.

A student admitted to making the noose out of packing twine and hanging about 8-feet off the ground in a tree near the bus parking lot.


District officials said the noose was created in connection with a conversation about teen suicide.

“Recently, there has been some increased awareness around teen suicide, some around the Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’,” said Seth Powers, director for Student Support Services. “We certainly have trained professionals on staff in form of counselors, social workers, psychologists that are there to support students and their needs in terms of mental health which may be a problem and concern with this particular student.”

The creation of the noose was not racially motivated, Powers said.

Many students at Union Pines High School say they had no idea a noose was hung from a tree at their school until they saw it on the news on Monday.

“I didn’t really know what it was at first,” said Chandler Barber, a junior at the high school. “But then I looked at it again and then everybody was kind of freaking out in the classroom because no one else had seen it.”

No charges will be filed but system officials would not say if the student will be disciplined. If so, he/she could face up to 10 days out of school suspension.

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