Fayetteville veterinarian trashes clinic, leaves state, staffer says

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – A former Fayetteville veterinarian closed up shop and left town with many families scrambling for answers.

Inside the veterinarian’s clinic, you’d think it had been rocked by a tornado.

A look inside All Pets Animal Hospital.

Office rooms in shambles, medical supplies is thrown around and pet food now lies on the floor.

“He trashed the building. He took all the clients records. He didn’t give the clients any notice,” said Jessi Skubic, hospital volunteer.

All Pets Animal Hospital along Cedar Creek Road was privately owned by Cumberland County Animal Control Director John Lauby for 30 years.

Lauby said he sold the practice to Dr. Dennis Johnson in 2009.

Lauby said the building recently went into foreclosure and Johnson left the state last month.

“In the first hour I was here, we had at least four clients come to the door needing help for their pets. We couldn’t help them,” Skubic said.

Volunteers have been working to clean up the mess over the last few weeks.

Lauby says the hospital serviced at least 5,000 thousand pets.

“If you have paid all these diagnostics for your pets and now you have to go to a new veterinarian and you don’t have all those records and diagnostics, you have to start over,” Skubic said.

The state veterinary medical board said in the last 11 years, Johnson has been disciplined at least six times.

Violations include a suspended license and three letters of caution.

Lauby said he’s still working to figure out how to get families their medical records back.

Lauby hopes to have the animal hospital back open in a couple of months.


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