Nurses want family of woman killed on bike at NC coast to know she didn’t die alone

A woman on a bicycle was killed in a vehicle accident on South 17th Street Monday evening (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – Holly Dahl was on the way to her son’s preschool spring show on Monday when she noticed a tractor-trailer stopped in the middle of South 17th Street and a young woman lying on the street close by.


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Dahl, an ICU pediatric nurse at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, pulled to the side of the road, jumped out of her car and walked up to the man who appeared to be the driver of the truck.

“He was very, very shaken,” Dahl said. “I told him to call 911 and he said, shaking, ‘I’m on the phone with 911 now.'”

Dahl went over to the woman lying on the ground and noticed immediately that she was badly injured, and motionless.


“When I arrived, she did not seem to be in pain,” Dahl said.

Within minutes, another nurse pulled up.

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Whitney Denton rushed from her car to assist Dahl. While Denton performed mouth-to-mouth on the victim, Dahl began chest compressions.

“We both did everything that we could and when the EMS arrived and asked us to step back, Whitney and I, the other nurse, started praying over her and that’s when she passed,” an emotional Dahl said.

Dahl emailed the WECT newsroom saying she and Denton both wanted the young woman’s family to know she did not die alone.

“Holly and I just stood there and said a prayer,” a tearful Denton said. “We wanted to lift this girl up and let this girl know she was loved.”

Denton, who ironically is also a pediatric nurse at the Pediatric Center in Wilmington, said Monday night that more than anything, she wants the young woman’s family to know she was surrounded with love when she passed and that she died in peace.

“She looked very peaceful and she seemed very calm,” Denton said. “I do truly feel like she was with the Lord and I trust that she is. My heart just breaks for her family and the driver, too.”

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