Wake County School Board considering changes to dress code policy

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Some changes may be made to the dress code for students in Wake County Public Schools.

Wake County School Board members say they are taking a look at the dress code policy because it is inconstantly enforced across high schools.

“They enforce it every now and then but it depends if it’s really bad,” said Jassem Al-Dajih, a student at Athens Drive High School. “They usually don’t enforce the dress code for boys as much; they usually just do it for girls.”

Some parents say as the weather gets warmer, more-revealing clothing becomes more common at high schools and they’d like to see some changes.


“I think it could be a little more conservative,” said Sabah Malik, a high school parent. “You’re not there to be a spectacle where everyone can stare at you and make fun of you or talk about you and not do their work because they’re looking at you.”

Before the 2002-03 school year, the school district changed the dress code and included 11 examples of clothing that was not allowed.

Some examples are exposed undergarments, sagging pants, crop tops and excessively short or tight garments.

The Wake County School Board says they’re considering re-wording some of the dress code policy in order to make it easier for high schools to enforce it.

“As a school board we always look for how do we create policies that will be implemented systematically across the district,” said School Board Chair Monika Johnson-Hostler. “I think that’s what people will appreciate about us taking longer to delve deeper, so that we’re creating policies that are easier for everyone to actually implement equally for all students.”

The board says they plan on looking at the dress code over the course of the next year to see if any changes are needed.

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