Police: Drunk driving suspect had lizard in bra

TAUNTON, Mass. (WFLA) – Police say a woman arrested for driving drunk after a crash in Massachusetts was holding a lizard in her bra.

Amy Rebello-McCarthy ( Taunton Police Department)

The Taunton Police Department responded to the crash around 1:30 in the afternoon earlier this week after the car went off the road and into a lawn.

A witness called in to say the woman driving was out of the car and a man with her had jumped back in to try and drive back onto the road. According to police, he couldn’t because all four tires were flat, the airbags were all deployed and both bumpers had been ripped off.

Responding officers tried to speak with the driver, 39-year-old Amy Rebello-McCarthy, and say she began laughing, slurring her words and even drooling at times.

Police then tried talking to the man but said he couldn’t remember his first or last name. Officers then noticed he had what looked like a gun tucked into his waistband and was handcuffed. It was later identified as an airsoft replica.

Investigators believe Rebello-McCarthy was speeding when she went off the road, hit six mailboxes and smashed a window on a parked car before landing on the lawn.

Before the pair was taken to the police department, Rebello-McCarthy told officers she had a bearded dragon lizard with her.

Photo courtesy Taunton Police Department.

Police say she was holding it in her bra. The animal was handed over to an Animal Control Officer.

Both Rebello-McCarthy and her passenger, identified as 22-year-old Marvin K. Kyewalyanga, were taken to the police station.

Rebello-McCarthy’s BAC was nearly twice the legal limit, according to officers. She is facing several charges.

Kyewalyanga was placed in protective custody.


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