Thee New Dollhouse streamed naked images of employee without consent, lawsuit claims

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – A complaint filed May 5 accuses a North Myrtle Beach strip club of setting up webcams in the club’s dressing rooms linked to a pornographic website where paying customers streamed nude images of employees without consent.

The complaint states the plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe, is suing for negligence, invasion of privacy and intentional inflection of emotional distress.

Jane Doe was 18 years old when she began working as a cocktail waitress at Thee New Dollhouse in May 2016.


“It was understood that plaintiff was not an exotic dancer, stripper, or performer; she was simply hired to serve alcoholic beverages to the patrons of Defendant Dollhouse,” the lawsuit says.

As part of her job, she was required to wear a cocktail waitress uniform provided by Thee Dollhouse and she would change into the uniform inside the changing room at the club.

Around August 2016, Jane Doe entered the dressing room to change into her work uniform and noticed a person working on a laptop computer who said they were making adjustments to the “web cameras” that broadcast live videos to the website.

Jane Doe became aware for the first time that she had been videotaped while undressing in the changing room without her knowledge or consent and she believed her privacy had been invaded.

“Prior to August 9, 2016, Plaintiff was unaware that the dressing/changing room was wired with ‘webcams’ and/or ‘Live Cams’ and broadcasted naked images of the Plaintiff to paying members of a pornographic website,” the lawsuit states.

Jane Doe says the dissemination of the secret videos continues to cause her great emotional distress and embarrassment.

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