Argument at Raleigh bar led to murder-suicide, witness says

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Last week police say Frederic Wade Wheeler shot and killed John Douglas Nye before turning the gun on himself.


The incident happened Wednesday in Shauna Chmura’s home.

“What we experienced here was a horrific nightmare,” Chmura said.

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Chmura says 28-year-old Wheeler, who she calls Wade, was a childhood friend visiting from Texas. Chmura says they went to a bar and ran into her friends.

But, there was an argument and she later left and went home.

“I was upstairs checking on my kids and I heard a gunshot downstairs,” Chmura said.


When she came downstairs she says she found Nye, 36, on the floor with his girlfriend next to him sobbing and Wheeler standing over him with a gun.

“I started giving him mouth to mouth and telling him to stay with me,” she said.

While she was trying to save Nye’s life, Chmura says Wheeler tried to talk to her.

“Wade put his hand on my leg and he said Shauna I have no more future and I didn’t watch him walk away I kept working on John and he went upstairs and I heard a gunshot.”

Chmura said never in a million years had she thought Wheeler was capable of this, but she says he did seem depressed.

“None of this really feels real. I mean John was a good man. There was no reason for this. This is not normal behavior,” she said.

Now two families are grieving and Chmura says she’s still trying to pick up the pieces.

Chmura says Wheeler had bought two guns recently.

She says he told her he wanted to teach her how to shoot so she could protect herself, but she says she did have the guns locked up.

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