Bomb-sniffing dogs at PNC Arena for concert after UK attack

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Managers of PNC Arena arranged for bomb-sniffing dogs to be on site during Wednesday’s concert following this week’s deadly attack in England.

Managers had planned to contract with a company to begin utilizing them this fall, but they decided to bring them in for Wednesday night’s event, a concert by The Chainsmokers.


“You always need security everywhere you go. So, I’m excited about that tonight,” said Stephanie Ross.

K2 Solutions, which is based in Southern Pines, brought several dogs and handlers to the arena.

In addition, Raleigh police officers were on site, as they typically are during events at the arena.

Guests passed through metal detectors as they entered. Dozens of cameras also allowed security staff to monitor the site.

The arena could accommodate roughly 12,000 people for Wednesday’s concert.

Some parents said Monday’s attack prompted them to talk to their kids about what happened and how to be prepared.

“It’s a huge concern, and we actually did talk about emergency protocols,” said Christina McAlister of Apex.

Desiree Parker added, “It is concerning, and it’s really hard as a mother to be able to explain to your children also. You don’t want to scare them and put the fear in them.”

Managers at PNC will negotiate a contract with a company to have bomb-sniffing dogs at the facility on a more regular basis in the months ahead.

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