Clayton women say man is harassing them about their feet

CLAYON, N.C. (WNCN) – Clayton Police say in the past few weeks they’ve received at least five calls about a man with an unusual interest in women’s feet.

In a 911 call, a woman told a dispatcher, “He told me he was asking for his girlfriend. He wanted to know where I got my shoes and if they were comfortable and I just got in the car and locked the door.”

Brook Pardue says the first time the man came into her store, Two Hearts, was around Valentine’s Day, but she says last Friday he came back.


“You can tell he was up to something,” said Pardue. “He was not looking to buy shoes.”

Pardue says on two separate occasions a man came into her boutique looking to buy shoes for his girlfriend.

She showed him some shoes and she says that’s when things got weird.

She says he kept insisting she try them on and let him take a picture to send to his girlfriend.

Pardue said, “He kind of kept on (saying) she really wants to see them, she really wants to see them.”

“Both times he wore sunglasses so he would not look you in the eye,” Pardue said. “So you didn’t know where he was looking and he wouldn’t take them off.”

Sherie Somers works at Lucky Lucy’s Closet. She says the same man came into her store twice.

“He came back again the next day and handed me a shoe to try on that was wet and I had it in my hand that’s how I felt the wetness and I brought it to the front called the police and he kinda left,” said Somers.

Both Pardue and Somers say they called the police, but were told they can’t arrest him because he hasn’t committed a crime.

“He’s basically going around harassing women all over Johnston County and there’s nothing they can do about it,” Pardue said.

Clayton Police say if anyone is approached by this man to call 911 right away.

CBS North Carolina is not identifying the man since he has not been charged with a crime.

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