Cary looks to connect American Tobacco Trail to White Oak Creek Greenway

CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – The Town of Cary is proposing a construction project that would connect the American Tobacco Trail and Umstead Park to the White Oak Creek Greenway.

The project would cost the town $3.4 million and connect the almost two-mile trail from Green Level Church Road to American Tobacco Trail.

“The connection will enable us to go from one place to another continuously. Riding our bikes on the road is just so dangerous because people are not watching where they are going. This would just make a nice connection to go from one place to another and keep going,” said Myran Cooper.

The Cooper family have lived in Cary for more than 30 years.


The family says safety is their biggest concern the only way to ride to the American Tobacco Trail from Cary is through side road.

“A couple of times we have ridden from here out to the tobacco trail but you have to ride on the road for a little ways and its very dangerous that way. We would really look forward to having it connected,” Cary native Wade Cooper said.

The project is funded by the Cary’s 2012 community bond, the Town of Apex, along with federal and Wake County grants.

This greenway connection will be discussed at Thursday’s Cary town council meeting at 6:30.

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