UNC releases response to NCAA’s 3rd Notice of Allegations

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – UNC released its response to the third Notice of Allegations received from the NCAA concerning the academic scandal.

The school posted the response on its “Carolina Commitment” site.


UNC sent its response to the NCAA on May 16 but delayed its public release due to “a review to protect privacy rights.”

In the response, UNC says athletes did not receive “special arrangements.”

“The courses in issue (the “Courses”) were available to all students in the same manner. No special arrangements were made for student-athletes in violation of NCAA extra-benefit
legislation,” the response states.

UNC’s response also says “That no one in the Department of Athletics took improper advantage of the Courses.”

The NCAA’s enforcement staff sent UNC the third Notice of Allegations in December.

“We are prepared and look forward to presenting our case to the Committee on Infractions,” said Chancellor Carol L. Folt. “Bringing closure to this process will be an important step for our University. The expansive reforms and initiatives now in place at Carolina reflect the academic values of a community that I am proud to lead.”


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