Millions traveling for Memorial Day weekend, 35,000 expected through RDU today

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – This weekend marks one of the busiest travel times of the year as people get ready to usher in summer.

More than 30 million people will travel by air and on the road for the holiday weekend.

Raleigh Durham International says it expects 35,000 people to fly through the airport on Friday.

For domestic flights, it’s typically recommended travelers get to the airport at least 90 minutes before their flight departs, but this weekend RDU says people should tack on some extra time.

Airport officials suggest arriving about two hours before your flight.

Traveler Elaine Tillery said it’s advice travelers should take.

“Maybe could have got here a little bit earlier. I’d say at least two hours before time,” she said as she headed off to catch a flight to Aruba.

Other travelers CBS North Carolina spoke to say the key is better preparation before traveling.

Team Felton, an AAU basketball team, was headed out for a weekend tournament and said they were able to breeze through by getting in early and having all their gear packed the night before the flight.

“Tell them to make sure they pack their stuff the night before. Go do it before they leave, make sure they have everything that they need as far as their shoes, their undergarments, and things of that sort,” coach Clarence Waddell advised those traveling in large groups, especially families with small children.

One traveler insisted it might be better altogether to avoid the high volume of flyers and wait. She said she wishes she had done that.

“I kind of regret doing this because I didn’t have to do it this weekend. I just thought I was off on Monday and I would take a little vacation and see my family,” said Yolanda Hawkins, who is headed to Long Island, New York.

RDU officials said the best plan is to look ahead and prepare.

Around 35,000 travelers are expected to go through RDU today, officials said.

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