Myrtle Beach courts operate 24/7 over Memorial Day weekend

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Thousands of people are expected to come to Myrtle Beach for Memorial Day weekend, and police expect the three-day event to be one of the biggest bike weekends in years.

With the expected influx in people, the Myrtle Beach jails and court systems will bring in help from all over the state.

Police say the jail in Myrtle Beach is busy during Memorial Day weekend because so many people get arrested, and to get those people bonded out so the jail doesn’t overcrowd, the police department is bringing in more resources.


“We see the disorderly conducts, whether it be from public intoxication, fighting, breach of peace,” describes Lt. Joey Crosby with Myrtle Beach Police.

Each year, as bikers and vacationers roll into Myrtle Beach for the holiday weekend, police say they see the same types of crimes. Those arrested are transported to the Myrtle Beach jail, where the court system will operate 24/7 and will host bond hearings every six hours.

“It helps the detention staff to process the inmates that are in our facility,” says Lt. Crosby. “If that person has the means in which to pay their fines or bond amount to get out, they can do so immediately. Those that do not, have to appear before a judge in which a bond is set.”

Suspects who don’t make bail are transported to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Conway.

“The collaboration with the (Horry County) sheriff’s office is very important because they assist us with that transportation of those inmates over to J. Reuben Long which eases our congestion within the facility,” explains Lt. Crosby.

Detention officers from all over the state will help man the jail in Myrtle Beach, because in the past, they’ve been busy and want to be sure they’re prepared, according to Lt. Crosby.

“Just like we talk about a large crowd in a small space on the streets, we also understand that if we have a large amount of inmates in the jail and we’re not transporting them over to J. Reuben Long to ease that congestion, they could have problems within the jail itself,” says Lt. Crosby. “So, that’s why we’ve asked for the additional staff, additional bond hearings and more frequent transportation over to J. Reuben Long, to ease that burden on the detention staff.”

Starting at 6 a.m. Friday morning, the clerk of court’s office will be open 24 hours, and they’ll have that schedule until 5 p.m. Monday afternoon.

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