‘Wanted’ posters target Durham commissioner on jail visitation

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — You might not notice them if you’re walking around downtown or driving in north Durham.

But, if you look closely, there are ‘wanted’ posters of Durham County commissioner chair Wendy Jacobs.

“I just was surprised and just confused,” said Jacobs.

Inside-Outside Alliance, an advocacy group for inmates, claims responsibility for posting the posters around the city.


They group has been fighting for months to make sure video visitation at the jail, doesn’t replace in-person visitation.

They are asking for the topic to be on the agenda during a county commissioners’ meeting, and also for a policy to be in place.

Jacobs says this attention should not be directed towards her. Instead, issues with video visitation should be directed to the sheriff.

“I, certainly, on my own, do not have direct control of the jail,” she said.

When the jail does get video visitation, sheriff Mike Andrews says the purpose is not to take away face-to-face visits.

Posters say jail visits have been cut in half and there’s a charge for “extra video visits.”

“The information is not accurate,” said Jacobs. “There is no video visitation right now and the sheriff has said that when he does implement it, there will be no charge.”

Jacobs says instead of posting wanted pictures of her around the city, there’s a more effective approach.

“The most effective thing to do is to work directly with the sheriff’s department,” she said.

The sheriff’s office told CBS North Carolina they are always willing to discuss issues concerning the jail, with the public.

Video visitation at the Durham County jail is expected to start in the next few months.

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