Baby electrocuted at carnival in Kansas after grabbing a fence

The carnival after it left Wichita and was in Topeka, Kansas. Photo by KSNT-TV.

WICHITA, Kansas (AP/KSNT) — An autopsy report concludes that a baby girl who was fatally injured at a carnival in Wichita, Kansas, died after grabbing an electrically charged fence.

The report cited Tuesday by the Wichita Eagle says 15-month-old Pressley Bartonek of Conway Springs was diagnosed as being brain dead five days after being shocked May 12.

Bartonek was at a small carnival on a parking lot when she grabbed metal fencing, according to the report.


The girl became unresponsive by the time her father freed her hands, the report said.

KNST-TV reported that Bartonek touched a guard rail which was electrified.

The report says that a test by an electrical company showed about 300 volts coming from the fence.

The carnival operator, Evans United Shows based in Plattsburg, Mo., has not publicly commented about the matter.

Wichita police are investigating.

The carnival next went to Topeka, Kanas, where no problems were reported.

Many at the carnival in Topeka said they felt like it was safer after the tragedy.

“Being in the capital, I think they crack down a little more than Wichita did,” said Josh Goodman.

— KSNT-TV contributed to this report

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