National group revokes frat’s charter at NC university

WNCT photo

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A fraternity at East Carolina University had their charter revoked due to “risk management violations.”

ECU Greek Life officials were notified by the Sigma Phi Epsilon National Fraternity that ECU’s Sigma Phi Epsilon would have its charter revoked.


In an email to Greek life, ECU Greek Life Director John Mountz said, “While we are saddened to lose an active chapter from our community, we agree with and support Sigma Phi Epsilon’s decision to hold the chapter accountable to the Fraternity’s expectations.”

Back in 2015, the chapter was temporarily suspended after a rape allegation. It reopened after an investigation.

Mountz went on to say he fully expected Sigma Phi Epsilon to return to ECU in the future as they expand.

ECU’s Sigma Phi Epsilon took to their Facebook page to post the following statement:

“The actions of a few brothers, some of whom have moved on in life and no longer are associated with the fraternity, were included in the reasoning for our chapter’s closure. These dates of allegations were traced back to 2010, before our oldest active member had even graduated high school. We as the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon do not post this to ask for forgiveness nor pity, but to let everyone know that we will be closing our doors, and we will be falling on the sword together, as one.”

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