No charges after Fayetteville Applebee’s serves alcohol to children

(AP image)

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – No criminal charges will be sought after children were served alcohol at a Fayetteville Applebee’s on May 14, the Department of Public Safety said.

Alcohol Law Enforcement completed their investigation into the incident involving the Kirkman family at the Applebee’s on Ramsey Street.

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The Kirkmans said they ordered two virgin daiquiris but were served two alcoholic beverages on Mother’s Day.

ALE submitted their investigation’s findings to the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office. Based on the DA’s office feedback, ALE will not seek criminal charges against Applebee’s employees.

But the violation has been reported to the ABC Commission, the Department of Public Safety said.

ALE gave recommendations to the Applebee’s management to help make sure mixed beverages couldn’t be mistakenly served to underage customers.


The Kirkmans said their 13- and 3-year-old children drank some of the beverages before the mistake was discovered.

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