Man upset over opossum in house holds knife to woman’s throat, police say

GREER, S.C. (WSPA) – A man is accused of holding a knife to a woman’s throat during an incident involving an opossum, according to a report from Greer Police.

Davis in a photo from WSPA. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Police say they responded to a 911 call on 10th Street about a man holding a knife to the throat of a female roommate.

Police say they could hear a woman screaming when they went into the front yard.

The victim and a witness said Morris Davis, 68, got agitated a cursed loudly when an opossum got into an upstairs bedroom, police said.

The victim went downstairs to tell Davis to stop cursing before going back up to take care of the varmint.


She said Davis cornered her against the wall with the knife to her throat and made menacing statements, according to police

Davis then stopped yelling and blew a kiss to her while still holding the knife to her throat, according to the report.

From Jkatsis2 via Creative Commons. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

The witness saw him with the knife and said she was going to call police.

Davis threw the knife into the kitchen, according to report.

The witness then got the knife and put it in a closet.

Davis is charged with assault and battery 1st degree, kidnapping and possession of a knife during the commission of a violent crime.

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