For Sampson County families, long storm cleanup just beginning

(Nate Rodgers/CBS North Carolina)

CLINTON, N.C. (WNCN) — Dozens of families in Sampson County are cleaning up after straight line winds tore through the area.


Imagine being inside your home during a violent wind storm but unable to hear heavy rains and massive trees falling on top of your house. That’s the case of Robert Baldwin and Nancy Richardson.

They’re both deaf and mute. Their home along U.S. Highway 421 in Clinton sustained trees snapped in half, a crushed storage shed and an entire mobile home now uninhabitable.

Gene Jacobs owns the property.

“They have no renters insurance,” he said. “They have nowhere to go. He told me yesterday that he found a place, but it’s like $750, they’ve been staying here for $400.”


The North Carolina Baptist Men are among several organizations helping families clean up in Sampson County. Today they’ve removed trees and other debris from at least 15 homes, and they do it all free of charge.

“If you haven’t lived through this before, you have no idea what it is, so it’s their faith in God and our Faith that we come out and we do it,” said Andrea Horan of the North Carolina Baptist Men’s Ministry.

Kayla Carter’s home also sustained damage. Her home owner’s insurance had lapsed.

Carter works in social service, and after help from the ministry, she sees things a little different.

“Last night, when I talked to the Red Cross, it just made me feel good to know that what I do makes people feel like I feel now,” she said.

Emergency management officials says they’re unsure of the number of families displaced.

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