Trump expected to withdraw from Paris climate agreement

WASHINGTON (CBS) – President Donald Trump is expected to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, CBS News White House Correspondent Major Garrett confirms.

Mr. Trump has also discussed with senior White House staff attempting to renegotiate the Paris Climate protocols on reducing greenhouse gas emissions – with an eye to making them less onerous to U.S. industry.

First reported by Axios, Mr. Trump made his decision to withdraw from the agreement, according to two sources that have direct knowledge of the decision.

Details on just how exactly the U.S. will be withdrawing are still being worked out by a team that includes EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.

A full, formal withdrawal could take up to three years to execute, unraveling one of former President Barack Obama’s major achievements in office to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Mr. Trump had initially delayed his decision on whether or not to withdraw during his first foreign trip overseas, where he met with other G-7 leaders.

Following the summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested the meeting had served as something of a wakeup call. G-7 leaders were unable to reach unanimous agreement on climate change after Mr. Trump said he needed more time to decide whether to back a key climate accord.

“The times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over, as I have experienced in the past few days,” Merkel told the crowd of some 2,500 that gathered to hear her and Bavarian governor Horst Seehofer.

“And so all I can say is that we Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands,” she said, according to the dpa news agency.


According to his top economic adviser Gay Cohn, Mr. Trump’s views on climate change were “evolving,” but Mr. Trump’s delay in formally deciding whether or not to stay involved in the accord forced G-7 leaders to declare the U.S. is “not in a position to join the consensus” around the agreement.

More recently, Defense Secretary James Mattis told CBS News’ John Dickerson that he was part of some of the discussions in Brusels when talks of climate change came up.

“The president was open, he was curious about why others were in the position they were in, his counterparts in other nations. And I’m quite certain the president is wide open on this issue as he takes in the pros and cons of that accord,” said Mattis.

Only two other nations currently do not support the climate deal: Nicaragua and Syria.

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