Fayetteville men on mission for motorcycle safety

(AP File Image)

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — North Carolina is fourth in the nation for motorcycle deaths, according to latest numbers from AAA.

A Fayetteville man is on a mission to spread motorcycle awareness and safety. Matthew Heist was struck by a minivan while on his motorcycle along Sycamore Dairy Road five years ago.

The former airman lost his military career, his right arm and his eye socket. He now has a host of health challenges.

“That rider could be your mom, could be your father, could be your son,” Heist said.

Motorcycle safety has been Mickey Carter’s mission for the last decade.

“It hurts a lot,” he said. “I’ve gone to a couple funerals.”


Carter and his wife started a foundation to help injured bikers and their families. Heist and Cater also worked with city leaders to get motorcycle caution signs posted.

“You think about these people every day and you try to come up with ways to stop it,” Carter said.

For now, the caution signs exist along both ends of Sycamore Dairy Road. The men hope to have additional signs displayed soon.

Meanwhile, what could have cost Heist his life now challenges him to live life to the fullest, he said.

“I have a beautiful fiancee, two beautiful stepchildren, two beautiful dogs, a great house,” he said. “I can’t complain because I’m alive.”

More information about Carter’s foundation is available here.

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