Navy sailor admits to throwing out ‘trash disks’ that have washed up on NC beaches

CAROVA BEACH, N.C. (WAVY) — The U.S. Navy says a sailor has admitted to throwing compacted trash disks overboard a ship.

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In a news release Thursday, a Navy spokesman said the disks originated from a U.S. Navy ship, but did not specify which ship. The disks were found washed up on beaches on North Carolina’s Outer Banks in mid-May.

Click for more images of the trash disks

One resident in the Outer Banks said last month that she collected 17 discs in Kill Devil Hills.

Officials say markings on several of the washed up disks confirmed they came from a Navy ship. The ship was contacted, and the Navy says a sailor took responsibility.

Officials say throwing disks overboard is a violation of Navy policy as well as environmental regulations. The disks are a method for Navy ships to compress plastic waste for easy storage until a ship reaches port.

The Navy has not said whether or not the sailor will be facing disciplinary action.


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