Hundreds gather in Raleigh for ‘March for Truth’

Photo by Robert Richardson/CBS North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — March for Truth events Saturday in more than 100 cities, including Raleigh, Charlotte, and Asheville, drew crowds calling on Congress to appoint an independent investigation of President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

A few hundred people gathered Saturday afternoon at Bicentennial Plaza in front of the North Carolina General Assembly. Some of the speakers said Republicans are putting their party before the American people, and need to take action against Trump.


“It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. This is a problem for our democracy,” protest promoter Michael Burroughs said.

“We deserve truth, we deserve honesty, and we deserve accountability in our government.”

Protesters pulled a page from the president’s playbook by chanting “Lock them up!” as part of their demands for the prosecution of Donald Trump and members of his administration.

Many in the self-proclaimed “Resistance” movement say people in power still refuse to listen, but they believe they’re making progress.

Kelly Garvy of Protecting Progress and said dealing with Trump is a marathon — not a sprint.

“We’ve seen a lot, but I think most people recognize that it’s going to take time to really uncover the truth,” Garvy said.

“Even though it feels like we’re doing rallies all the time, that we’re doing the same thing, it is an opportunity for people who haven’t been engaged to step in. (They) say, ‘you know what, I didn’t know what I thought, but now I’m worried.’ So we’re keeping the door open for people,” Garvy added.

These protests started 19 weeks ago with the Women’s March on Raleigh. Several of the organizers of that event, including Shana Becker, joined the March for Truth on Saturday.

“The Tea Party would go places and there would be ten people yelling, whatever Tea Party people yelled, and every moment that you have here, every event, you have hundreds, sometimes thousands,” Becker said.

“This is us together getting support for each other, but the real work of getting people to talk to the legislators, and get elected officials who actually represent us is happening right now,” she added.

Emily Toone set up a table at the rally with postcards and pens. The cards had an illustration of Donald Trump’s signature navy suit jacket, white shirt, and red tie, with a gold hammer and sickle on the tie. Text at the bottom said #RussianTies.

The cards had an illustration of Donald Trump’s signature navy suit jacket, white shirt, and red tie, with a gold hammer and sickle on the tie. Text at the bottom said #RussianTies.

Toone and the activist group “Together We Will” plans to take the cards to the local office of Senator Richard Burr, who is the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“We will deliver them, make a bigger impact than putting them in the mail,” Toone said.

“He hasn’t had a town hall. He hasn’t communicated. He doesn’t want to hear what his constituents have to say,” Toone said of Burr.

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