95-year-old NC man makes 100-mile weekly trip to take girlfriend dancing

Kate Mabry and Frank Ratliff (WBTV)

WADESBORO, N.C. (WBTV) – If you’re a sucker for a good romance story, this one might just make your year.

Every Saturday night, 95-year-old Frank Ratliff drives from his home in Wadesboro to his 93-year-old girlfriend’s home in Marshville. Together, the two drive to Mt. Gilead to a place called The Music Barn.


Once there, the two dance cheek to cheek to old-time country tunes.

“We don’t usually dance to the fast stuff,” Frank said.

Frank first met 93-year-old Kate Mabry when the two were youngsters. Both lost their spouses many years ago. Their romance blossomed about 15 years ago when Frank ran into Kate, who was working as a greeter at the Walmart in Monroe.

Years ago, the couple would go dancing sometimes three or four nights a week. But now, time has taken a tiny toll on their bodies, and the Saturday night dancing date is usually the only one they make.

“I’ve never seen him get angry,” Kate said. “I get flustered sometimes, and I show it. But I get over it because he won’t respond.”

The two don’t speak mushy words to each other. But they do trade slight jabs back and forth, followed by a giggle.

Watching them together, it’s easy to see, their laid back nature is why their relationship works.

We asked Frank why he drives more than 100 miles every week to take Kate out, his simple reply melts hearts.

“Because she likes to go dancing.”

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