Damage reported after tornado confirmed in eastern NC

BETHEL, N.C. (WNCN) — Weather officials confirmed a tornado formed and caused damage in northern Pitt County Monday evening.


A tornado was reported around 7:25 p.m. about four miles south-southeast of Bethel in Pitt County.

The National Weather Service now says the EF1 tornado had winds up to 90 mph, was about 100 yards wide and caused damage over about a half mile.

One building sustained moderate damage and two other buildings had minor damage.

Power lines down were across train tracks near the intersection of Whitehurst Station Road and Highway 30.

The storms damaged a century-old convenience store, the store owner’s truck, and tore trees up by their roots.


The 100-year-old building used to serve as a one-stop shop where people could grab a quick snack or fill up their gas tanks. It had been closed for several years and now it sits in rubble from the intense winds of what the tornado.

Crews worked through Monday night to clear debris from roads and nearby railroad tracks. Whitehurst Station Road was closed but has since reopened.

“I get into the house, go in the house, the door was hard to open and close because [of] the wind. I got in the house and it got louder and louder. I look out and debris was going into the sky like you wouldn’t believe,” Clayton Everett said.

The tornado was reported on the ground near Highway 30 and Staton Mill Road, according to the National Weather Service.

A WNCT viewer, Tammie Williams, captured video of a tornado when it was along Staton Mill Road between Bethel and Robersonville.

WNCT contributed to this article.

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