Franklin County water woes to continue into Wednesday

HENDERSON, N.C. (WNCN) — A boil water advisory will be in place until at least Wednesday morning for Oxford, Henderson and Franklin County, officials said.

On Monday afternoon, the Kerr Lake Plant went down, with Henderson officials adding the pumps were the source of the problem.

The problems persisted into Tuesday.


All of the water pumps are up and running after all three went down originally Monday. Officials still aren’t exactly sure why.

Water supplies are back up which has eased calls for conservation restrictions but the boil advisories remain in effect until likely Wednesday morning.

Franklin County is keeping the conservation restrictions in place until they learn more about the water quality.

In Oxford, a boil water advisory has been issued for the area.

“It’s not a big deal at this point. If we have to go an extended period of time, that’ll make a difference, but so far, no problems at this point,” said Danny Wright of Henderson.

Some Granville County Schools have been impacted by the boil advisory. Those schools include Stovall Shaw Elementary School, West Oxford Elementary School, CG Credle Elementary School, Northern Granville Middle School, Mary Potter Middle School and JF Webb High School.

Schools will follow their regularly-scheduled school days, but because of the advisory, bottled water and hand sanitizer will be made available to all students and staff, and packed breakfasts and lunches will be served as well.

Vance County Schools said that several schools in the county are on City of Henderson water and that maintenance and cafeteria staff have taken precautions to ensure that they’re only using bottled water. Cafeteria meals will not be made using water.

The Mike Bailes, director of Franklin County Public Utilities, said crews have pulled bacteria samples and it takes 24 hours to incubate, which means that they will have to wait at least one day before they’re able to check and see if the water is safe to drink again.

Customers and the public will be notified when the advisory is lifted, officials said.

“You never realize the small things until you can’t use water. Wow! That’s a big problem when it comes to the restaurant business. So, I’ll be glad when that comes back into play and we can use running water,” said Marcus Wright, owner and general manager of the Golden Skillet in Henderson.

The Kerr Lake Regional Water System is a public water system serving portions of Vance, Granville, Warren and Franklin counties.

The water system has a surface water treatment plant with the John H. Kerr Reservoir serving as the water supply.

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