NC family seeks answers after dog found shot to death

HAMPSTEAD, N.C. (WECT) — Lucy Boyles is distraught after finding her 2-year-old beagle shot to death, lying in her neighbor’s yard Saturday.


“I need an answer as to why. Why did this happen to an innocent dog?” Boyles said.

Boyles says her beagle, Smoke, and her three other dogs escaped their fence. She was inside the home at the time tending to other chores.

She called the dogs and three of them returned, but Smoke did not respond. She canvassed the neighborhood looking for Smoke, but nothing turned up.

A short time later, Boyles’ neighbor started mowing the lawn and found Smoke lying dead with a gunshot wound to the right side.

“My little Smokey girl, she was laying there. I could not believe she just had a huge hole in her side,” Boyles said. “I am afraid this is malicious. I know all of my neighbors. None of them could have done this.”


Lt. Keith Ramsey with the Pender County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

Animal control units have searched the neighborhood looking for answers and interviewing folks who live nearby.

They fear that with no one coming forward they will have to close this investigation. No blood or shell casings were found near where the dog was shot.

Boyles is pleading for the public’s help.

“Please come forward. I need closure. Someone saw something or heard something. Do it anonymously. Please help,” Boyles pleaded.

She and the sheriff’s office want anyone who has seen or heard something to come forward.

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