‘Well-known’ retailer considering Fayetteville for distribution center

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — According to the latest data, the unemployment rate is Fayetteville is 4. 7 percent.

A well-known retailer has announced it is considering bringing hundreds of jobs to the area.

Fayetteville NC Works Career Center services up to 200 people every day.  Although unemployment rates in the area are declining, there’s still an urgent need for more jobs

“Right now we’re talking about warehouse operators and customer service type of talents in this county,” said Josephus Thompson of NC Works Career Center.

Andre Byrd, 30, is currently working but is looking for a career change. Byrd says many factors can keep someone from landing a job that fits.

“It was hard to find jobs because I was moving from place to place, Byrd said.

But if all goes well, Fayetteville’s job market could soon see a major boost. An un-named but well-known retailer is considering building a multi-million dollar distribution center.

The company would hire more than 400 workers for full and part time positions.

“A large amount of it would be dealing with electronic systems that manage inventory, scanning for filling orders, ensuring customer orders are correct,” said Robert Van Geons of Fayetteville-Cumberland County Economic Development. 

The potential positions would be ideal for primary jobs, stay-at-home parents, military spouses and recent retirees. Fayetteville is just one of several metropolitan areas vying for the investment.

Fayetteville is one of several metropolitan areas vying for the investment.

“This is elimination and we’ve survived a significant amount of cuts and we’re in the game. This is an opportunity to demonstrate we have the workforce,” Van Geons said.

For Byrd the opportunity is definitely worth pursuing.

“I would take it, especially if It pays me well to takes care of my family,” he said.

Right now, the city is compiling surveys for people who may be interested in the positions.

To support FCEDC’s recruitment efforts, FCEDC is seeking regional participation in a Workforce Interest Survey, which residents can now complete on the internet using a computer, cell phone or other mobile device. Go to www.fayettevilleworks.com to join the survey.

Five participants who complete the survey will be randomly chosen to receive a $100 Visa Gift Card.  All surveys must be completed before 5 p.m. June 21.

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