Army offers enlistment bonuses to bolster ranks

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Uncle Sam is offering major cash to get soldiers to re-enlist.

Some soldiers are being paid up to $90,000 bonuses.

It’s all a part of President Donald Trump’s plan to increase armed forces to 540,000 troops.

In the last two weeks, the army has paid more than $26 million dollars in bonuses.

Claude Bright, an army veteran said, “What kind of minimum terms are they wanting soldiers to do for that kind of money?”

Right now, the Army needs 6,000 new soldiers, 9,000 current soldiers to re-enlist and an added 1,000 officers.

Active Duty soldier Zachary Ortiz said it’s not about the money.

Ortiz said, “I got family and want to go back to college.”

Army leaders say getting soldiers to re-enlist who are near the end of their term can be difficult, especially if they’ve been planning a career change for a while.

Veteran Charles Griffis said “I think the bonuses are great. They’re gonna keep the particular (specialties) we need active.”

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