NC mom says family’s safety at risk after 2 cars crash through yard

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) — Laura Mundell said drivers using her neighborhood as a cut through are putting her family’s safety at risk. She said two drivers have run a stop sign and crashed into her yard.


“Everyone wants to come through here to go faster to get there faster but nobody wants to slow down or stop,” she said.

She said November 15, a car slammed into her SUV before driving off. According to the police report, the crash caused more than $5,000 in damage. Last week she said another car took out her fence and damaged her yard.

Mundell lives on Sutton Drive in Wilmington.

She said drivers speed through the neighborhood and ignore the stop sign near her home.


Mundell, who rents her home, explained her landlord put up a barrier to keep cars out but received a letter from the city telling her to remove the barrier, citing its height.

“Every single car stopped, it had reflectors on it,” she said, “So even at night, cars would stop because it would be something to get their attention.”

Mundell said she’s afraid to let her dog outside, or let her kids play in the yard anymore.

“We don’t ride bikes, my 7-year-old doesn’t play outside unless it’s in the back, and I don’t even know how safe that is,” she said.

Mundell said she plans to create a petition to give to the city. She hopes for speed bumps, or additional signs or barriers at the intersection.

A city spokesperson said if several complaints are filed, the city would send someone to survey and evaluate the road.

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