Gun rights bill gets initial OK from NC House

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A bill that makes changes to North Carolina’s gun laws is one vote away from clearing the North Carolina House of Representatives.

House Bill 746 would allow people to carry concealed handguns without a permit in the same places where they currently are allowed to carry handguns openly.


Supporters said it would make gun laws in North Carolina more clear for law-abiding citizens. Opponents said it would reduce the amount of training people who carry a gun will have.

“It is incredibly scary because people as young as 18 years old can be going around with no training, no classroom training, no live-fire training,” said Becky Ceartas with North Carolinians Against Gun Violence. “They could carry a hidden, loaded weapon in public with absolutely no training.”

“We are not breaking new ground,” countered Paul Valone, Grass Roots North Carolina President. “North Carolina will become the fourteenth state to adopt permitless concealed carry. Despite predictions of mayhem, it has been a problem in none of those states.”

Supporters also said that in areas where open carry is prohibited, concealed handgun holders would still need a permit.

Opponents voiced concerns they believe the bill could lead to younger people, more 18-year-olds, carrying guns.

The House voted 65-54 Wednesday to tentatively approve the bill. Eight Republicans voted against the bill. No Democrats voted for it. The bill still must have a second vote. If it passes, the bill would then move to the Senate.

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