Burglars targeted 3 homes in Raleigh’s Boylan Heights, police say

(Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — On Thursday night Raleigh Police received three reports of home burglaries in the Boylan Heights neighborhood.

“The officers that came to assist us last night said that there has been a string of these going on downtown and we weren’t the first,” said burglary victim Caron Register.

(Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina)

Last night, she was part of a group that went out for her mother’s birthday. When she got home, her alarm was going off, Register said, so she went into her backyard and saw that someone had cut the screen out of one of her upstairs windows.

“Ironically, when the person was trying to break in, they stepped on my grandmother’s bible and slipped and it set off the alarm, and they immediately stepped back out of the window and jumped onto a potted plant, and it fell over and then they fell over,” Register said.

Register says the thieves did manage to break into her neighbor’s apartment, which is right below her home.

She said, “The perpetrators did climb through the window there, and they rummaged through all of her jewelry and turned over her bedding.”

They made off with her neighbor’s checkbook.

Less than an hour before that, another home just a few blocks away was broken into. The thieves stole jewelry and a $100 bill.

“Think about how you would feel if someone was breaking into your home. And what’s your real purpose in breaking into people’s homes? If you’re needing money, if you’re needing something to create adventure then pick up an activity that will give you that thrill instead of breaking into someone’s home,” Register said.

Raleigh Police say they are investigating the possibility that these crimes are connected.


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