SC man arrested for peeping in woman’s bedroom window

Travis Cousar

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) – A Rock Hill man was arrested and charged Friday in connection to looking through a woman’s bedroom window in April, police said.

According to the Rock Hill Police Department, 35-year-old Travis Cousar was charged with peeping tom/eavesdropping.

Police said the incident occurred on Laurel Street around 1 a.m. when a woman said a man was looking through her bedroom window on April 25. Upon arrival, officers were unable to locate Cousar.


In 2014, Rock Hill Police said Cousar had 20 peeping tom incidents on file.

The victim told police that her and her neighbor ran outside to confront Cousar.

In 2014, Rock Hill Police Captain Mark Bollinger said “we’ve been dealing with Travis, Mr. Cousar, for over five years now. The first thing that pops in everybody’s mind is Mr. Cousar because he’s been doing it for so long.”

Officers said Cousar’s bond was set at $35,000. Cousar has been waiting to be transferred to the Moss Justice Center, according to Rock Hill Police.

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