Downtown Raleigh businesses helped by graduations

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Downtown Raleigh is filled with young adults taking the next step across the stage for graduation.

Many business owners in downtown Raleigh are celebrating too because they’re reaping the benefits.


“We’ve seen them in their caps and gowns so it’s been exciting they’ve come in with their families,” said Jazlyn Vogt, Manager at Sir Walter Coffee.

Many have chosen to toast to their accomplishments downtown.

“You see the steady stream of cars coming in to downtown,” said Cara Hylton, owner of Oro Restaurant.

“You do see the people walking around, families, large families, people exciting looking up at the buildings, taking pictures in front of the state Capitol so it’s been exciting.”

Local restaurants and coffee shops say this weekend they’ve seen a different flow of business.

“Actually it’s one of the most Sunday’s like this,” said Mohammad Shetaya, cashier at Oak City Express. “It’s really just downtown today. Usually Sunday it’ll be a little bit slow, but today it was really busy it’s like Saturday night.”

Oro Restaurant hosted a graduation party Sunday.

“It’s always exciting to see graduates in their caps and gowns,” said Hylton. “It’s a happy time. Families are celebrating and in the restaurant industry that’s what we do best. We celebrate with people. We take a really wonderful occasion and we make it very easy for them so it’s a pleasure to do that.”

Business owners hope the cash flow won’t stop today either. Commencement ceremonies are scheduled through Wednesday and they’re hoping the trend continues.

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