State lawmakers to discuss bill that would keep kids safer in school zones

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s an issue that worries a lot of parents – people ignoring speed limits and flying through school zones.

Today, nearly three months after it was first filed, state lawmakers will take up a bill that would help protect your kids in school zones by using cameras placed in cars.


It’s a new tool that would keep people from speeding near schools.

Officials hope that if this new program is approved, you’ll pay more attention to speed limit signs in school zones.

The bill calls for a pilot program in Durham.

North Carolina leaders say it would reduce speed, and ultimately, save lives.

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The camera would be in a car that moves from one school to another different days. People caught speeding would be fined $250, but it would be decriminalized and there would be an appeals process.

“We know that speed kills, and so many of the communities are trying to address how we keep our kids safe trying to get to and from school,” said Terry Bellamy, Durham’s director of transportation.

Some aren’t sure a law will make a difference.

“People don’t care. They go through the lights and fly with cameras on the lights,” said LaQuita Watson, of Durham.

The bill will come up in the Senate State and Local Government committee today at 2 p.m. in the legislative office building. If the bill is eventually approved, it could take up to a year to roll out.

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