Wedding day for Virginia couple nearly ruined by series of unfortunate events

The wedding party on the side of the interstate (Photo courtesy Chelsea Schrum/WAVY)

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — With all the planning that goes into a wedding, every bride wants to have the perfect day, but there were several hiccups along the way for one Hampton Roads couple.

Many people may have seen the wedding party standing along Interstate 264 near the Witchduck Road exit on Saturday. That’s because the bus carrying the entire party — including the bride and groom — broke down.

“We’re about 37 seconds into the trip and all of girls are like, ‘Something is burning,’” Chelsie Schrum, the bride’s sister-in-law said.


The wedding party had left the hotel, and was heading to the wedding venue when they started seeing smoke.

“The bus driver, she felt horrible. She was about to cry,” said Chris Schrum, the bride’s brother.

Off the bus and all smiles, what do the girls do? Take pictures, of course. Meanwhile, Chris Schrum got the dress.

“We’re on the side of the road for about a couple minutes, VDOT gets there, Trooper Don — we love him — he gets there and then Legacy came through like Johnny on the spot, got us a huge bus,” Chelsie Schrum said.

Trooper Don Thornton said he thought there was a serious issue when he saw the group.

“I just had finished up with another disabled vehicle and I saw their vehicle — the bus — at the emergency pull off with a wedding party that was standing outside of it with 12 to 15 people with gowns and tuxedos,” Virginia State Trooper Donald Thornton said.

Once the new ride arrived, they were off, with the help of Trooper Don.

“He turned his lights on so that we could scootch into traffic,” Chelsie Schrum said.

But the bumps in the road didn’t stop there. After the ceremony, there was another issue.

“We get in there, the power is out for two hours. They can’t make the food, the drinks are getting warm. The cake is melting,” Chelsie Schrum said.

Through it all, Chris and Chelsea Schrum said the couple, Casey and Scott, weren’t fazed.

“Nothing has bothered her. We’re like, ‘Casey, the bus is broken down.’ She’s like, ‘Fine.’ Then we’re like, ‘There’s no power’ and she’s like, ‘Fine. I’m still getting married,’” Chelsie Schrum said.

And that they did.

Chelsea and Chris thanked Trooper Thornton, VDOT and the bus company for helping them get to the ceremony.

“It’s an unfortunate incident that occurred but in the end it was, looking at the pictures, it seems to be a happy bride and a memorable moment for them and their future,” Trooper Thornton said.

John Tate, safety operations with Virginia Beach-based Legacy Coach said in a statement:

Legacy Coach takes all necessary measures to make sure our vehicles go out to serve the clients properly having been fully maintained and serviced prior to the trips. In this case, a radiator hose that had been worked on by an outside vendor came loose thus allowing coolant to hit the hot engine and create a significant amount of steam. The driver notified management of the incident and we sent a replacement vehicle which arrived shortly thereafter. As a matter of customer satisfaction, Legacy Coach is refunding the client the total cost of that vehicle rental.”

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