Nash County Courthouse flooded after water pipe break, reopens Monday

Google maps image of the Nash County Courthouse.

NASHVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — A water line break in a bathroom closed the Nash County Courthouse late Wednesday afternoon, officials said.

Authorities said that there will be no court hearings and the courthouse would be closed Thursday and Friday.


The water pipe behind a toilet broke in a bathroom behind the jury room on the second floor, said Zee Lamb, Nash County manager.

The break, which might have been vandalism, was not detected for a while, and the entire second floor was covered in a few inches of water, Lamb said.

The problem was noticed when water started dripping down to the first floor.

Officials said that people with a Thursday or Friday court date should call the Nash County Clerk of Courts Office on Monday to check on the new date.

The courthouse number is (252) 220-3000.

Lamb said that there are few court dates next week because judges are away at a conference.

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