Credit card ‘skimmer’ found inside pump at Cumberland County gas station

SPRING LAKE, N.C. (WNCN) — Spring Lake police are investigating after discovering a “skimmer” at a gas station following a complaint by a customer regarding unauthorized use of her credit/debit card.


Police responded to the Kangaroo gas station located at 801 N. Main St. Wednesday after receiving a call from a woman who had filled up at the station in the morning and then noticed that her card had been used at a grocery store later that day without her authorization.

Officers went to the gas station and found a skimmer device inside one of the pumps. Police said the device was undetectable without opening the card reader door, which is always locked. The skimmer also had Bluetooth capability. Suspects are able to leave the device permanently intact and collect the data remotely when skimmers have Bluetooth.

Police are now asking anyone who has filled up at a gas station in the Town of Spring Lake to review their bank statements for any fraudulent activity. If unauthorized activity is found and it occurred within Spring Lake, police ask that people call Cumberland County dispatch to report the crime. Dispatch can be reached at (910) 323-1141.

Spring Lake is just the latest town in central North Carolina to be targeted by criminals with skimming devices.

Police suggested that one way to potentially find a skimming device before using their credit/debit card is to turn on the Bluetooth capability on your phone and search for any suspicious signals nearby before swiping your card.

If a signal comes back from the gas pump, do not use the pump and immediately call law enforcement and store personnel.

Please review the below photos. If you recognize these individuals or have any information which may help solve these cases, please contact the Spring Lake Police Department Detective Division at 910-436-7167 or CrimeStoppers at 910-483-TIPS(8477).


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